Evangelos Kokkoris - Nostalgica Utopica

irida 004 200(Irida 020)

Works for flute and piano and solo flute by Evangelos Kokkoris.

Flute: Nikos Nikopoulos
Piano: Leto Thomou


Memory sets us free not only by diminishing thoughts but by expanding them beyond desire. Fragments of memory, lost thoughts and nostalgic utopia draw our world, elements which inspired the creative presence of Nostalgica Utopica. Nostalgica Utopica is based on the work of Luigi Nono, the great venetian composer who leaded my musical thought.
The “Serenissima“ was the divine place where I studied Composition and Art. Nostalgiaca Utopica contains works written in different periods and places, fragments composing the “musical landscape“. A breeze of italian and french music flows around all that creative atmosphere. As a flutist, trying to penetrate all these works, I managed to be inspired by them. I would like to thank all the friends who kindly contributed for the creation of Nostalgica Utopica.

- Evangelos L. Kokkoris