Momo Trio - No Vacancy

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Momo Trio is a modern jazz ensemble formed by George Dousis (piano), Paraskevas Kitsos (double bass) and Nick Cassevetis (drums). The trio focuses on original compositions which are characterized by each member's distinctive musical personality and the trio's collective dynamic approach to sound.



The trio's members' technical prowess allow them to be equally comfortable with carrying simple passages which evoke clarity and sensitivity, as they are when they bring on explosiveness and wild imagination. Truly, they are an extraordinary trio of musicians with a unique musical perspective and impact in the world of music.

George has been involved in jazz and contemporary music for the last twenty years. He has collaborated with many groups as an arranger and pianist, both live and on record. His compositions are often performed in throughout Europe. As an arranger, he has collaborated with some of the most important orchestras.

Nick is considered to be one of Greece's most prominent session musicians. He studied classical percussion in Athens and upon graduation he earned a scholarship from Berklee college of music. Since 1999 Nick has been the Drummer of the Contemporary Greek Radio Orchestra. He records for Greek national radio and television, performing both concert and film music.

Paraskevas studied classical guitar, electric bass and double bass. He has participated in many records and concerts as a session player around Greece and overseas. Momo's trio "No Vacancy " is his first time recording and composing as a band member.