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irida 009 200(Irida 009)

Partimenti for String Quartet

Ionian String Quartet
Spýros Gikóndis, first violin, Eléni Petrídou, second violin, Andréas Georgotás, viola, Yánnis Toulís, violoncello.



This is the first ever release of works by Niccolò Calichiopulo Manzaro (1795 - 1872) for string quartet.

Manzaro's most widely known composition remains the musical setting for the poem of Dionysios Solomos' Ýmnos eis tīn Eleutherían (Hymn to Liberty, 1829–1830), the first and second stanzas of which were adopted on 28 June 1865 as the Greek national anthem.

In the last twenty years, Manzaro has been hailed as an outstanding figure among composers and intellectuals of 19th century Greece. Research has revealed important theoretical works on the one hand and interesting pieces of music on the other. In one particular case, a manuscript with partimenti for string quartet was brought to light. The present recording is a selection of the music found in a manuscript, which is currently part of the Rombotis Archive of the Ionian University Music Department Library.


Libro V, Fuga No. 1 in g minor

1– [Preludio] (Largo)

2– Fuga
Libro V, Fuga No. 3 in d minor

3– [Preludio] (Largo)
4– Fuga (Allegro)

5Libro V, Tema no. 3 in d minor

Libro V, Fuga No. 6 in D major

6– [Preludio] (Largo)
7– [Fuga] (Allegro)

Libro V, Fuga No. 7 in E flat major

8– [Preludio] (Largo)
9– [Fuga] (Allegro)

Libro V, Fuga No. 11 in A major

10– [Preludio] (Andante)
11– [Fuga] (Allegro)

12Libro VI, No. 1 in g minor

13Libro VI, No. 14 in a minor

14Libro VI, No. 35 in d minor

15Libro VI, No. 36 in e minor

Libro V, Fuga 'in tuono cromatico' No. 3 in A flat major

16– [Preludio] (Largo)
17– [Fuga] (Allegro)