Ria Georgiadis - Flute Dimensions

irida 015 200(Irida 015)

Contemporary classical music for flute, by some of Greece's leading experimental composers, performed by virtuoso flautist Ria Georgiadis.



A groundbreaking new release in which contemporary composers take advantage of all of the different sounds of the flute as a solo instrument or in a duo setting with either guitar or piano. Ria Georgiadis' performances are staggering throughout- she can interpret more traditional melodic material beautifully and she also shines when avant garde techniques are required by the compositions. Composers and performers have worked together to bring about a collection which is cohesive, immensely enjoyable to listen to and which evokes a much broader sound than the instrumentation (solo flute or flute duos with piano or guitar) implies. This CD will be not only be enjoyed by fans of flute music, but by anyone who appreciates strong modern compositions, and will definitely win Ria Georgiadis some loyal followers.