Iossif Valette - Contra Pedal

irida 017 200"Nine pianists perform musical interpretations of the stories told by their inner voices. With the piano as their vehicle, they embark on a voyage which is at once unconventional and transcendental."






A voyage based on a poetic idea by Elena Kyritsi with compositions for solo piano by Iossif Valette. The album follows performances which took place in Athens and Thessaloniki (Salonica) with appearances by distinguished soloists, directed by Esther Andre Gonzalez.
The subject matter of Elena Kyritsi's poetry is drawn from facets of the lives of the pianists who perform on the album. The poetry alternates with the music composed by Iossif Valette and most of the compositions were written especially for the 'Contra Pedal' concerts. The works included are solo piano pieces and a piano duet for four hands.

The performers are Titos Gouvelis, Nikos Zafranas, Dionyssis Mallouhos, Dimitra Mantzouratou, Irene Mavrou, Lorenda Ramou, Christina Sidiropoulou, Jean-Christophe Charron, as well as the composer. The album was recorded in Athens at the concert hall of the Parnassos Literary Society.