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Violinist Evangelos Papadimitris performs works for solo violin by contemporary composers Christos Samaras, Simos Papanas and Janis Papadimitris.





Violinist Evangelos Papadimitrishas performed as a soloist from the age of 16 and is particularly experienced in recording and performing works by contemporary composers. He has also held distinguished positions as an educator in music academies in Greece and Albania. He currently performs as first violin with the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra and is the head of studies at the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki.

Evangelos Papadimitris chose to record works for solo violin by three contemporary composers for this CD: Christos Samaras, Simos Papanas and Janis Papadimitris. The styles of the three composers varies, and what contributes to the album's cohesiveness is that while all of the works are extremely challenging and technically demanding for the performer, they manage hold the listener's attention throughout their duration.

Each composer achieves this in a different way: Samaras with the fluid manipulation of the structural elements of his composition in a sonata form, Papanas by referring to the Italian Baroque suite albeit with the use of a completely modern harmonic and melodic vocabulary, and Janis Papadimitris, whose 12 caprices are probably the most technically demanding of the works presented here, by drawing inspiration from folk dances and songs.

Evangelos Papadimitris' playing is masterful throughout the recording. It goes without saying that the technical ability to carry off any and all of the most difficult passages on the record but what really brings his performances to life is his tasteful playing and deep knowledge of the works which allow him to give each peace the treatment that best suits it,thus bringing out the particular nuances and atmospheres that the composers were aiming for.


1. Christos Samaras - Sonatina (1995)

Simos Papanas - Suite No. 1
2. I) Tempo d'Allemanda

3. II) Corrente

4. III) Sarabanda

5. IV) Giga

Janis Papadimitris - Twelve Caprices
6. I) The Mountaineer

7. II) Folk Dance

8. III) The Grandad and the Grandson

9. IV) A Happy Game

10. V) Two Dances

11. VI) Motive from North

12. VII) The Bird

13. VIII) Etude-Caprice

14. IX) Homage to Paganini

15. X) Hunting

16. XI) Happy Moment

17. XII) Skiing