Dimitris Koukos - Dialogues for Solo Piano

Irida 030

Irida Classical presents its new release titled Dialogues for Solo Piano. Pianist Dimitris Koukos performs new works by Greek composers. 

Dialogues CoverThe composers – Alkis Papadopoulos, Yiannis Drositis, Konstantinos Flerianos and Konstantinos Grigoriou have known eachother for years and collaborated on various projects. Their mutual respect for eachother and their personal approach to composition has flourished bring about a common vision, which was brought to life by Dimitris Koukos and the team at Irida Classical.

All the works on the album are tonal in nature and each composer’s imprint is revealed through the varied atmospheres of each piece: programmatic, symbolic, epic, lyrical, pragmatic, nocturnal. The identity of each composer is clearly displayed through the compositions, all of which are characteristic examples of the modern Greek compositional landscape.

All the pieces are dedicated to Dimitris Koukos.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Irida Recording Studio.