Alkis Baltas - Moments

Alkis Baltas - MomentsIrida 008

Six Simple Songs | Little Songs of Love | Musical Moments

Irida Classical presents a double CD with works by the conductor and composer Alkis Baltas.




The first CD consists of songs in which the composer unfolds his various musical facets:  melancholy impressionism, elements of Greek traditional music and moods ranging from youthfully intense to romantic, but unadulterated by unecessary melodrama. The music transforms itself from being graceful and aristocratic, with simple melodies and rhythmic freshness to becoming deeply mournful or by introducing mystical overtones. Baritone Tassis Christoyanis' ingenuous performances give these songs the directness they deserve.


The works on the second CD are the composer's escape from all matters mundane. The first works are in a romantic mood and further on incorporate a sense of humour and a subversiveness which is especially evident in the piano parts. Intense feelings prevail, like the acute feeling of loneliness, or the unrelenting pursuit of success. As the sonic palette is renewed, elemnts of minimalism and sound effects are introduced which are matched with avant-garde techniques.






Tassis Christoyannis - baritone

Vicky Stylianou - piano

Six Simple Songs (1971-72 / 1995 / 1997)


1. Seeking

2. The swallow

3. The little moon

4. Lullaby

5. Erewhile

6. I will take a bit of the light


Little Songs of Love (1974)


7. In the sun

8. Come

9. That night

10. Your curly hair

11. Late at nightfall

12. With the first flowers

13. Yearning

14. A little bird

15. Night 




Vicky Stylianou - piano

Iwona Glinka - flute

Yannis Samprovalakis - clarinet


Musical Moments (1998-2005)


1. Love song


Mozart-ata (3 mini-ets)

2. Mozart is crying (Lacrymozart)

3. Mozart is screaming

4. Mozart is running


5. Three thoughts about solitude 

6. Chasing happiness

7. To innocence

8. Mini-m(p)al(t)ism (study on boredom) 


Three bagatelles

9. Bagatelle no. 1

10. Bagatelle no. 2

11. Bagatelle no. 3 


12. Don’t worry, be happy

13. In te, Domine, speravi